Metropolitan cities around the world are crucial for successfully addressing climate change. Large cities face challenges related to climate change and aim to find public policy solutions that meet criteria of political legitimacy and administrative effectiveness. To this end, metropolises develop and implement climate change adaptation and mitigation plans. The research project of the Chair of Political Theory together with the Chair of Political Science, Administration and Organization of the University of Potsdam examines, within the framework of the Einstein Climate Change Center’s cooperation, examines two key dimensions of climate policy governance from a comparative perspective (Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris and Buenos Aires):

  1. Administrative governance (oriented towards legitimacy of results)
  2. Participatory governance (aimed at input legitimacy).

The first dimension emphasizes the role of administrative-political coordination in the elaboration, implementation and monitoring of climate change adaptation and mitigation plans. The second dimension focuses on the role of citizen participation and how the results have influenced the cities’ governance and climate strategy.

The function of citizen participation processes in the development of climate strategies will be examined. In addition to the input legitimacy, which results from the type of procedure (citizens’ council, citizens’ dialogue, etc.) as well as the type of participation, it will also be analyzed to what extent the results of the citizens’ participation procedure are reflected in the political process. Central questions of the project are also what citizen participation can (and should) contribute to climate policy but also to a more sustainable and just society transformation. However We will compare to what extent this developed framework meets the real objectives of the studied public participation procedures.

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